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Welcome to LCBC!

In the words of author Randy Frazee, "we live in a world of crowded loneliness." People's lives are full of activity and acquaintances, but often genuine connection and deep friendship are missing. In the church, there is also a temptation to create programs to fill the lives of those who are involved. But the problem with this is that busy lives and little connection lead to shallow experiences and emptiness. In this kind of an atmosphere, God becomes little more than a convenient genie; someone to call on to bail us out of trouble.

Yet, when we look at the life and teaching of Jesus and his disciples, we discover that what God intended was not lives full of anxious religious activity, but lives in which we discover wholeness, contentment, and peace.

We are a "church" of people who want to discover more and more what it means to live life in the Kingdom of God in the present. As we move forward, we are committed to less busy activity and more opportunities for genuine community and spiritual growth.

LCBC, as we call it, is a growing congregation located in the southeast corner of Leduc Alberta. Our congregation is made up of a diverse group of people ranging in age from a few weeks old, to those in their 90’s. We come from a variety of faith backgrounds, cultures, and levels of church experience. 

Leduc Community Baptist Church is a member church of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (formerly, the Baptist Union of Western Canada) and through our denomination a participating church in Canadian Baptist Ministries, (missions)  (Relief agency) We are also affiliated with Gull Lake Center where many of our kids attend summer camp.


As a growing church, we are continually seeking to minister to all kinds of people. We have an active youth ministry, womens ministry, men's group, and singles group to name a few. "Faith at Home" is also an important part of our ministry where we teach parents how to make faith a central part of their home lives.

We are also excited about missions and have sent groups to Brazil, Bolivia, and into the Canadian North in the past number of years.

We are excited about the future of our church, and would be glad to answer any questions you might have about us. You are most welcome to email us at the church Office.